Nifty Nine Patch Flannel

We had our Nifty Nine Patch class earlier this month.  It’s a great beginner quilt or quickie baby quilt.  You can find the pattern here.

Aggie whipped up these adorable Nifty Nine Patch baby quilts in no time flat. She was so excited, she finished the first one before class even started.  She made the first one with regular cotton fabrics.

Aggie's Nifty Nine Patch #1


Then, she attended class to learn tips for working with flannel and made the second one.


Aggie's Nifty Nine Patch #2

Aren’t they sweet?

And look what this happy student made in a previous class:



Tuffets have taken the quilt community by storm! Everybody has such fun making them and they are so much easier than you would think.

Robin Koenig of West Coast Tuffets is teaching classes at ScruffyQuilts.  Key takeaways from her class:  a little foundation piecing, a little stapling, a little yanking, more stapling and voila!  Can’t wait to make another one.

Here are some of her class pictures:

Tuffet Class December




Paradise in Blooms – Nanette

Nanette, having recently moved to the area, popped into ScruffyQuilts to buy a fat quarter of soccer balls, and fell in love with the Paradise in Blooms quilt on display.  As luck would have it, we had just started Month #1 that day.  So, she quickly pulled together a collection of fabrics and joined the class!

She’s been several steps ahead of the class ever since.  However, she was slowed down a bit when she discovered that her stash was short on the fabric used for the medallion ring, which she wanted to use for the border.  After much angst, road trips and googling, she put the search on hold and during Month #5’s class she finished her appliqué.

Look how lovely her quilt is so far.


After class, she went back to shopping in her stash and found the solution!  She will float the baskets on the light background and use a different, but absolutely perfect fabric for the border.  Can’t wait to post the final product!

Fantastic job, Nanette!

Paddlewheel Quilt

The Paddlewheel Quilt has been an amazingly popular class in our shop.  It’s a fun and easy beginner Judy Niemeyer pattern that’s very versatile.  Designed as a small wall hanging, several students have multiplied the pattern to create a bed-size quilt.

The pattern was created by Judy Niemeyer and published in the April 2015 American Patchwork & Quilting issue, with the foundation papers sold separately.  Originally, Quiltworx was not planning on reprinting the papers once they sold out.  However, because of the surprising popularity of this cute little pattern, they did one more printing.

Here’s a gallery of just some of these fun little quilts that our students have finished.







We’ll post updates as we receive more pictures of the finished quilts.  Do you have one you’d like to share?

Click on the links below to purchase the pattern, foundation papers and/or to enroll in a class:

Paddlewheel Foundation Papers (the link to the pattern is embedded in the project page)

Paddlewheel Class


Paradise in Blooms

thumb_2php_20150404101239   Scruffy’s Paradise in Blooms class is well on its way.

We’re teaching it as a pay-as-you-go technique of the month program and the students have a wide range of skill levels and experience with Judy Niemeyer patterns. In the first session we began constructing the Center Spiral Medallion.  The focus of this session was on basic paper piecing skills and working with long sharp points.

It’s so exciting to see everyone’s color choices come together in this breathtaking quilt. Look at some students’ progress after the first class:

Nanette (beautiful with fairy frost background):

Nanette's PIB.JPG

Trish (Sharks colors – love it!):

Trish's PIB.JPG

Annette (forgive the bad photo – it’s far more gorgeous in person):

Annette's PIB.JPG

Stay tuned as we update this post with our progress.

The pattern is available for purchase on our website.  Click on links below to purchase the pattern, queen extension papers and/or replacement papers.

Paradise in Blooms 76″ x 76″ pattern (includes pattern, foundation papers and laser cut Stitch and Peel appliqué pieces)

Queen Extension Papers (to bring finished quilt to 97″ x 97″)

Replacement Foundation Papers