Paradise in Blooms – Nanette

Nanette, having recently moved to the area, popped into ScruffyQuilts to buy a fat quarter of soccer balls, and fell in love with the Paradise in Blooms quilt on display.  As luck would have it, we had just started Month #1 that day.  So, she quickly pulled together a collection of fabrics and joined the class!

She’s been several steps ahead of the class ever since.  However, she was slowed down a bit when she discovered that her stash was short on the fabric used for the medallion ring, which she wanted to use for the border.  After much angst, road trips and googling, she put the search on hold and during Month #5’s class she finished her appliqué.

Look how lovely her quilt is so far.


After class, she went back to shopping in her stash and found the solution!  She will float the baskets on the light background and use a different, but absolutely perfect fabric for the border.  Can’t wait to post the final product!

Fantastic job, Nanette!

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