Glacier Star

The Glacier Star Technique of the Month began this weekend.  Our teacher is Gretchen Veteran, a certified Judy Niemeyer instructor.


Gretchen was prepared for a wide range of skill and comfort levels among her students and was ready to guide us through the very basics as needed.  So there was minimal advance preparation required for the class. This session was dedicated to the New York Beauty motif.

Gretchen showed some students how to use the template layout sheets.  Other students already had their fabrics cut and ready to go for the New York Beauty blocks.  She had everybody piece the spiked outer arc of the block and the spiked center and then showed us her pleating technique for curved piecing.

Congratulations to Theresa and Ann, who finished their New York Beauty block in class!


In our pay-as-you-go program, you may enroll in only those sessions of interest to you or that fit your schedule. Click here to join us next time as we focus on the Lone Star block.

When we are all done, our quilts will look like this (wall hanging on the left; queen on the right):

img_1228_2_20150921075823_1 img_2008

These are both Gretchen’s masterpieces.

Click here to purchase a fabric kit for the Queen size in the color way shown on the right.

Click here to purchase the pattern and foundation papers for the 60″ x 60″ wall hanging.

Click here to purchase the Queen extension papers.

Replacement foundation papers for the Glacier Star and other Judy Niemeyer patterns can be found here.

Stay tuned for the next update on our Glacier Star class!

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