Paradise in Blooms – Annette

Annette took on the challenge of this fabulous Judy Niemeyer pattern with absolutely no paper piecing experience whatsoever.  She caught on very quickly, as you can see.

Having prepared all the leaves and flowers for the medallion, she then embarked upon a search for the perfect background fabric for the fishbones/buds.  Finally, she found it!  But, we only had a pre-cut yard of it left.  Oh, no!  Fortunately, we were able to reorder it upon her request and now look how nicely Annette’s Paradise in Blooms is evolving. Love the yellow buds against the teal!

Annette's PIB January

Can’t wait to see it with the appliqué!

The pattern is available for purchase on our website.  Click on links below to purchase the pattern, queen extension papers and/or replacement papers.

Paradise in Blooms 76″ x 76″ pattern (includes pattern, foundation papers and laser cut Stitch and Peel appliqué pieces)

Queen Extension Papers (to bring finished quilt to 97″ x 97″)

Replacement Foundation Papers

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