Gretchen Wins Ribbons at County Fair

Congratulations to Gretchen Veteran, Certified Judy Niemeyer Instructor, who won three ribbons at the San Mateo County Fair, for Ice Crystals (First Prize), Glacier Star Queen (First Mary Whitehead with Rosette), and Prismatic Star (Honorable Mention). Nicely done, Gretchen!


We just completed the Glacier Star class.  It was great fun and Gretchen gave us some great tips!  Click on the links below to purchase the pattern(s) or foundation papers:

Glacier Star Wall 60″ x 60″ Hanging

Glacier Star Queen Extension Papers

Glacier Star Queen Fabric Kit

Glacier Star Replacement papers


Gretchen will teach Ice Crystals August 28th.  Click here to register.  Click here to purchase the pattern.


Gretchen will teach Prismatic Star October 30th.  Click here to register.

Click below to purchase the pattern or replacement papers:

Prismatic Star pattern

Prismatic Star Replacement papers

Click below to purchase a 48-piece Judy Niemeyer Bali Pop for your Prismatic Star:

jnbp3_asst_300x482  jnbp3_asst_300x482_1

We are so fortunate to have Gretchen teach these and many other fun Judy Niemeyer classes at ScruffyQuilts. Thanks, Gretchen!!

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