Clearance Rack

Next time you’re in the shop, take a stroll by our clearance rack.  To keep our shop fresh and make room for new inventory. we move older items to the clearance rack.  Several times a week some items are moved to clearance, never to be seen again once purchased.  Unlike the rest of our inventory, these items are never restocked.  Clearance items are progressively reduced in price until they disappear.  Once fabric on the bolt reaches $6.25, we generate some clearance pre-cuts (fat quarters, half-yards and yards).


You can browse online anytime by clicking here.

Some fabrics on clearance:

pwtp071_tomato dragonfly_m1_black aon_14565_278

Some patterns on clearance:

scan_1_20131120161009 lgd116_20131027153722 cjnq001p-1

Some notions on clearance:

onepatchplus bca07288 0735-1.00942

Some books and calendars on clearance:

ct20212 b1020_c 4g4e0600_250

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