Malahide Castle

Scruffy snoozed at home while his family and guest struck out for Malahide Castle.  One of the oldest castles in Ireland, it was home to the Talbot family as far back as 1175.

In 1975,  the last of the Talbots, Rose, sold her home to the Irish state, partly to pay for inheritance taxes.  Rose is the little girl in the painting.  It was painted in the style in which her eyes follow you as you climb the winding staircase.


In the beginning, the castle had no windows and as was the standard of the day, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot(s) slept apart in separate bedrooms and had their own bathrooms with their own chamber pots.  (I’m so glad I live in modern times)


There were some quilts too see too.

The Talbot family collected gorgeous carved furniture and doors during their diplomatic travels throughout the years.



Leaving the castle, we proceeded to the visitor centre, fiercely guarded by Scruffy’s kin.


To the left of this marvelous egg are the famous Avoca shops.


To the right of the egg is the entrance to the magnificent gardens, featuring a resident peacock


a butterfly habitat


meandering paths and a greenhouse


Beautiful flowers everywhere

Bumblebees, honey bees, wasps


and wanna-bees


After seeing the stinkbug, we decided it was time to head home.