Upper Greystones Cliff Walk

Scruffy’s people took the DART (commuter train) to Bray to enjoy the Upper Greystones Walk. To do the Upper Greystones Walk, we had to first repeat the Bray Head Walk (see earlier posts) to get to the top.

Remember the cross from our Bray Head Walk last time?  See it off in the distance to the right?


Continuing the walk involved climbing over fences for a trek through a rancher’s land. A sign warned us to Beware of Bull and Keep All Dogs Under Control. However, it said nothing about husbands.


We saw lovely fascinating lichen and rocky terrain along the way.


We glanced down at all the lucky people who chose the Lower Greystones Walk and would enjoy a pint at the pub at the walk’s end very soon. If you look closely, you can see the train tracks – we could have even taken the DART all the way to the pub.


Our destination, the pub, is down there in the town that juts out on the upper left:

IMG_0724 (1)

We encountered a young hiker from Germany who graciously took our picture for us before taking a shortcut back down the hill.


We continued on our route, enjoying the vistas and colorful foliage along the way, including a beautiful rainbow over the Irish Sea below.


IMG_0725 copy


Eventually the pub felt as though it was getting farther and farther away, but we finally made it! Best Guiness ever!